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At WheelieKlean our mission is simple, We want to become New Zealand's go-to company for professional bin cleaning, all surface jet washing and general cleaning, starting with the biggest city of them all - Auckland.
As a company, we think it's crucial to maintain the cleanliness of your bins, home, workplace, schools, hospitals, or any other places that your family, staff or friends are likely to spend time. We want to keep the Land of the Long, White Cloud safe for everyone.


Here at Wheelieklean we like to think of it as a family business, we've utilized the skills and professions of as many of the Tana family as possible, Harry, our owner/operator can still be found on-site whenever he gets a chance to join our team of cleaning operators. Harry's wife Linda does the bookkeeping, His eldest Daughter, Candace is the Accountant, a handful of Harry's Siblings have joined the sales team, and the Son-in Laws have chipped in with Graphic Design & Marketing. Family is at the core of WheelieKlean so we understand how important it is to keep your family home safe from harmful bacteria and other nasties.